The Acupressure Mat & Pillow

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THE accupressure mat- ORIGINAL

Various forms of acupressure have been around for thousands of years. It uses the same principle as acupuncture, just without the needles to promote relaxation and wellness. This mat simply allows for easy self-treatment at the price of a single massage.

The Original Accupressure Mat has 6,000 points. It is perfect for everyone to relieve back and neck pains or headaches. It eliminates the need for expensive treatments and sessions and can be used at the comfort of your own home.

Just 20 minutes a day is needed for you to feel its effects.

- Deep, restful sleep
- Relaxation of tense muscles
- Recovery from headaches
- Recovery from muscular injury
- Circulation
- Overall well-being
- Immediate back and neck pain relief
- Eliminates need for expensive treatments

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