Retractable Shelf Partition

Storing & Organizing your belongings has never been easier!

The Retractable Shelf Partition requires no tools to install and allows you to fully take advantage of any free space you might have around the house and turns it into a shelf!

It can bear weights up to 15kg (33 lbs) each and does not require any nails or glue to install. 

It is retractable so it can accommodate and fully utilize any length of free space and the extension can also be used to hold clothes hangers for you to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled.

There are three sizes that will cater to your different needs:

  • S 30-40cm ( 11.8 to 15.8 inches fully extended)   
  • M 38-55cm (15 inches to 21.6 inches fully extended)
  • L 50-80cm (19.7 to 31.5 inches fully extended)
  • XL 75-120cm (29.5 to 47.2 inches fully extended)

You can use the Retractable Shelf Partition in shoe racks, closets, in the bathroom or in bookshelves, any space that you can use.