2 PCs Sideview Mirror Anti-Fog Film

Hate driving in the rain?

This Anti-fog and anti-glare protective film ensures that you can drive safely during wet weather

Now you can drive in the rain without worrying about your mirrors getting fogged up and blurry


  • Waterproof and stain-proof, any liquid just slides off the film
  • Made of hydrophobic nano PET film
  • Anti-fog, prevents build up of fog on your mirror which can blur vision
  • Fits every standard size of rear mirrors, one size fits all

How To Install

  1. Make sure that the mirror is free from any foreign particles such as dust
  2. Tear off the first protective membrane ( marked with green sticker )
  3. Spray water evenly on the mirror
  4. Position and paste the film on your desired location
  5. Remove any air bubbles or creases using scrapers or cloths
  6. Remove the last protective layer on the film ( marked with red sticker )
  7. That is all!