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About Atas Lifestyle

Do you know that we are constantly putting our health and quality of life on the line when you certain household and everyday items? Whether we want to admit it or not, it's a known fact that has been well documented.

What if we could be safer? What if we could live every day with peace of mind, and knowing that the items and equipment we use at home are made from completely safe materials that pose no risk to our health? 

That is the mission that Atas Lifestyle is trying to achieve.

What is Atas Lifestyle?

We are the team behind our signature Zippyware containers.

We wanted to develop the product to save our environment by producing eco-friendly containers and bags that could be a direct replacement to plastic containers.
Zippyware containers are household containers that is growing in popularity right now and giving users a reason to be excited. This is because, unlike your regular containers, Zippyware does not contain traces of plastic materials. Instead, it is made from pure silicone, which makes it 100% safe for your health.

Zippyware comes in a range of colors and sleek designs in the form of cups, containers, and so on. Unlike plastic containers and bags, it does not release harmful chemicals, such as BPA (Bisphenol A), which is harmful to your health.

Benefits of Zippyware
Some of the benefits of embracing Zippyware and our range of products include:

-You will save money because Zippyware containers are reusable over and over
-You don't have to worry about health hazard because Zippyware containers are made from completely safe materials
-You will be helping to save our environment and ecosystem

Please take the next few moments to check out the different sizes, colors, and designs that we currently offer.

We promise that it would be worthwhile.


Contact us now using our contact page, or email us at info@ataslifestyle.com

Happy shopping!

The Team at Atas Lifestyle