RC Hydraulic Excavator Model


Turn your own backyard into your very own construction site!

The RC Hydraulic Excavator Model s a 1:14 scale replica of an actual excavator working at a construction site.

It operates just like an actual excavator at a construction site.

Seamlessly transport dirt, sand, etc. from one location to another or onto a dump truck and start construction in your very own backyard.

The Hydraulic Excavator Model produces authentic sounds and lighting effects that mimic real-life excavators and provides a playtime experience like no other RC model!

High quality, reliable, and durable design -  the excavator is equipped with a 2.4GHZ transmitter which enables you to operate on a distance of up to 100 meters (328ft).

Every part of the radio-controlled excavator, including the scoop, is controlled by the transmitter You can excavate and transport mud or pebbles with your RC excavator just like real-life excavators! 

An hour of charging will give you about 30 minutes of fun.

Main Features:
- Realistic Model
Every joint can move freely, and the excavator head can spin 360-degrees and is able to dig up the terrain just like a real excavator
- 15-channel Control
There are 15 different keys on the remote transmitter. Each is associated with a specific function, giving you absolute command over the vehicle.
- 2.4GHz Signal
The remote control system uses 2.4GHz signals which feature excellent anti-interference, so you are able to control the excavator up to 100m away!
- Programming Function
You can also program the excavator to perform a fixed sequence of movements.

- Powered by 7.2V 400mAh nickel-chromium battery ( built-in ) and AA battery ( not included )

Also available are the 2.4GHZ remote-controlled 1:12 replica dump truck and 1:14 replica front loader to team up with your excavator and form your very own set of construction vehicles for your backyard.