Ryzen Air Spin Curler

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This is the latest technology for curls that won’t quit!

The amount of effort it takes for a woman to curl her hair is truly insane.

Half the time, after spending 20 or more minutes with your arms in the air twisting around a curling iron or wand, your hair doesn't even look the way you wanted it to. Well, not for any longer.

The Ryzen Air Spin Curler uses our revolutionary auto curling technology to create the perfect curls every single time. Once proficient, it can take less than 10 minutes for you to achieve your desired look. Not only save a lot of time but also save yourself from the hassles and difficulties the traditional method offers.

Hair is automatically drawn gently into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and gently heated from all directions to form a curl. The curler has two curl direction buttons that allow you to curl either toward your face or away.

For gorgeous, natural looking curls, the curler automatically alternates the curl direction each time a section of hair is drawn into the chamber.

You can experiment with the different settings to create a variety of looks from tight defined curls to softer loose waves.

Simply release when the timer beeps and you will be all set!

Choose from 3 preset temperature and timer settings or customize it yourself.

Added to the ability to edit the direction of your curls, the artistic control is in your hands.

  • Anti-hot handle, the outer layer of the curler never heats up, preventing burns.
  • Timer alert,  simply release when the timer beeps and you are set. Style your hair while avoiding unnecessary heat damage.
  • Easy to use, quick heat up, and cool tip for added protection.
  • Ceramic coated plates which enabling plate to produce a potent mass of negative ions to eliminate frizz.
  • Natural flowing open design for perfect curls, stress-free.
  • Suitable for all hair types.


  • 1pc  x English Manual.
  • 1pc  x Protective Cover. 
  • 1pc  x Ryzen Air Spin Curler
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